If you are worried about skin cancer, you need to find a specialist who’s a good fit for you. Know your options.


Find a Specialist

Doctors who specialize in skin cancer are aware of the latest guidelines and treatments. Search for a dermatologist or a surgical specialist to evaluate a spot you are concerned with or if you are ready to have your squamous cell skin cancer or basal cell carcinoma removed.

Sometimes you will need to find a cancer specialist to help manage a more advanced or complex case of skin cancer. For example, your squamous cell skin cancer may have high risk features, or you may need additional treatment for advanced squamous cell skin cancer or basal cell carcinoma.

These highly specialized professionals can help. Many have access to clinical trials. Most work in a setting where they collaborate with a team of specialists as needed on a case (this is called multidisciplinary care). This team can include dermatologists, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, head-and-neck surgeons, and other highly-trained doctors.