Brianna Hoffner, MSN, AOCNP, RN

Brianna Hoffner, MSN, AOCNP®, RN, is the Lead Advanced Practice Provider for Medical Oncology at University of Colorado Hospital, Aurora. She provides clinical care to patients with advanced malignancies and research management for patients on clinical trials. Prior to joining the medical staff at University of Colorado Hospital she worked as the Supervisor of Clinical Research Operations at The Angeles Clinic and Research Institute. There, Ms. Hoffner participated in clinical trials leading to the approval of pembrolizumab, nivolumab, trametinib, dabrafenib, T-VEC, and other melanoma therapies. She continues to work with these agents in her current clinical setting.

Ms. Hoffner received her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Boston College and Masters of Science Nursing in Adult Oncology from Yale University. She has published in multiple prestigious journals including JAMA, Cancer, and Vaccine and has presented her work at numerous meetings including the Oncology Nursing Society, the Society for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer, and JADPRO Live at Advanced Practitioner Society for Hematology and Oncology. Her background in clinical research, immuno-oncology, and direct oncologic nursing care serve to strengthen her credentials for comprehensive care.

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