Lisa Tushla, PhD, H(ASCP)

Lisa Tushla, PhD, H(ASCP) is the president of Terranova Medica, LLC, a medical education and communication company based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. In a career spanning over 22 years, Lisa has demonstrated a true vocation for medical education, particularly in the field of oncology.  A physiologist by training with over 6 years of experience in clinical hematology, Lisa’s primary area of research interest has been in host defense mechanisms and the balance of pro- and anti-inflammatory processes in health and disease. Lisa also completed postdoctoral work at the University of Pennsylvania studying anti-integrin therapies for metastatic melanoma in a murine model. Also at Penn and later at NYU, Lisa developed many relationships with dermatology/oncology experts because of the research efforts of her late husband, dermatologist and melanoma researcher, William P. Carey, Jr, MD.

Lisa has successfully participated in the launch and maintenance of medical education startups, including PharmAdura, LLC (currently Paradigm Medical Communications) in 2003—growing the award-winning CME unit and taking the company through accreditation. With a move to the West Coast in 2007, Lisa subsequently joined Quest MedEd, LLC, an innovative company focusing on high-quality E-learning activities, primarily in the field of hematology/oncology.  Capitalizing on that experience, Lisa launched Terranova in the fall of 2009 and the company has enjoyed delivering a variety of educational initiatives in live, print, and web-based formats. In this capacity, Lisa further deepened her experience in melanoma collaborating with AIM at Melanoma and academic institutions on melanoma research and education projects. A recipient of 2 Alliance for Continuing Medical Education Awards, Lisa brings passion, creativity, attention to detail, and meticulous science to each continuing education activity she is engaged in.

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